Wolves COVID-19 Procedures

Current Operating Procedures for 2020-21 Wolves Players and Staff

Although the 2021 season is 6 months away, the Wolves continue to look to the future and are establishing the current guidelines for players
who intend to try out, practice, play or participate in private runs with the team during the next few months.

As of today, the status of North Carolina restrictions prohibits contact play and the Wolves will continue to adhere to this guideline. This also follows the current data provided by Johns Hopkins and the NCDHHS. Players should not be participating in any team play nor full contact, combines or other related activities at this time.

The current proposed plan for Wolves activities is to begin team meetings in September and then targeting on-court play in late October/early November. This timeline is flexible based on the data that will be available prior to that time.

All players and staff who plan to participate in activities must use contact tracing to ensure they have not had symptoms or come in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms for at least 14 days prior to the activity. To do this, players should download the Citizen app and track their COVID status daily. The application can be downloaded https://citizen.com/safepass

More updates to fan attendance, venue and additional guidance will be determined at a later date.