Winston-Salem Wolves Current Active Roster


# Name Position Height College
5 Antonio Robinson PG 6’4″ East Carolina
1 Lepreece Lynch SG 6’5″ Lees Mcrae College
9 Zalinor Banks F 6’6″ Fayetteville State
6 Dionté Adams F 6’8″ Hampton University
10 Joshea Singleton PG/SG 6’4″ North Carolina A&T
4 Khadier Fulcher G 6’3″ Bluefield College
8 Ian Gregory PF/C 6’6″ St. Thomas University
13 Chris Woods F 6’5″ Pfeiffer University
2 T.J. Fullwood PG 6’1″
7 Seth Hill SF 6’6″
10 Brendan Lidral-Porter SF 6’7″ James Madison University
0 Davion Ayabarreno SF 6’6″ Methodist University
Jalan Cannady SF 6’7″ NC Wesleyan
Brandis Raley-Ross G 6’3″ South Carolina
Corey Raley-Ross G 6’3″ Buffalo

The current active roster does not reflect players who are listed as alternates. Due to the transient nature of international player signings, the active roster for the Winston-Salem Wolves is updated to reflect the current ‘active’ roster and may not reflect players who are currently working out with/practicing with the team or who may be activated/deactivated in the near future.

Members of the press who have questions regarding current inactive/workout roster players should contact for confirmation.

Teams participating in the East Coast Basketball League are allowed to enter the ECBL regular season with 16 active roster positions, and are
allowed subsequent roster additions during the season.

There is no limit to the number of players who can be deactivated/released from the roster during ECBL play.

Non-ECBL gameday rosters are not bound by the same stipulations as ECBL gameday rosters.